Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kitchen Wall

Monday, September 15, 2014

Some of you may remember this post ,I was thinking of wallpapering my kitchen accent wall in a lovely gold floral wallpaper. I've changed my mind since then and I'm going with a Carrera marble contact paper on the whole wall. It will add freshness to the space as well as a classic feel.
A few things have changed in my kitchen since this photo was taken, but heres a mock up of what the Carrera contact paper will sort of look like.

Since I'm a renter, I figure I can live out my Carrera marble dreams with contact paper ;)
... and of course no post would be complete without some Pinspiration.

Stay tuned...

$79 eDesign

Friday, September 12, 2014


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Happy Friday!!!

PAINT in the bedroom...

Monday, September 8, 2014

I was a bit under the weather over the weekend but I somehow managed to get paint samples up on the wall. Below is a pic of my bedroom...I tried to like the beige, I tried to love it, I even tried to pretend it didn't exist. The room is screaming to be pale grey!

I was thinking of painting it a classic white but it needs a little contrast.
Behr's 'White Lie' seems just right.

Paint samples: I'm going with the bottom one ( Behr's White Lie )

and for some inspiration...Pale grey bed rooms found on Pinterest

I can't wait for this fresh grey loveliness.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hoping your Labor day weekend was fantastic. Theres a few exciting things happening around my apartment...first of all the bathroom is getting some paint as well as the bedroom. Color is an interesting thing.

I've been debating painting the bedroom but I just can't take the beige anymore...it appears yellowish in photographs and to be honest it's totally blah! It's funny the living room is painted the exact same color but I don't mind it (must be the light).

Stay tuned for the bedroom paint color :)

In the meantime >>> check out my current 5 fave pins below...

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Monday, August 25, 2014

This past weekend I had the great pleasure of visiting Ace Hotel in Palm Springs CA. This place exudes cool...there were so many details I couldn't have possibly taken it all in. I was curious to know more about the history of the Ace hotels...there are a few including London, Seattle, Downtown LA, New York, Panama etc. 

A friend mentioned that the owner/creator passed away last year. Reading/researching about the creator Alex Calderwood is fascinating in and of itself. It's always interesting reading about creative minds and what inspires or inspired them.

The design of the Ace Palm Springs is a mix of 1960's mod,industrial, South Western, Americana...interesting elements like random pieces of driftwood with painted phrases stating "WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER" were a recurring theme. I also noticed the phrase on the hotel pamphlets.

Each hotel room is slightly different, thriftstore furniture outfits most of the rooms with modern comfy beds and sleek simple bathrooms. Nothing was fussy or overdone. It was stylish without being pretentious and understated without being boring. I've read that each Ace Hotel is designed in accordance to it's surroundings. It would be cool to visit all of them (if given the chance).

Here's a few snap shots from my visit...

(my husband and I outside of the hotel)

(hotel lobby)


Bedroom Lamps!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It may seem silly,but for weeks and weeks I was hunting for the 'just right' lamps and I finally stumbled upon them yesterday. I was hunting most of the morning when I thought "hmmm let me stop in at Marshalls and see what they have?" at this point I was getting hungry and ready to give up for the day.

 As I walked towards the lamp section with my sunglasses on I could barely make out a pair of bluish gourd lamps and thought "Could it be???" I was so relieved I finally found them! I quickly grabbed one and then the other and noticed they were marked down! woohoo!!! I was overjoyed!

They're just what I was looking for gourd shaped, modern with a 1960's feel and blue!

Good things really do come to those who wait ;)

Here's a few shots of the lamp styled on my nightstand and a partial room shot.

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