My name is Jenny Sanchez. I'm an Interior Designer & Musician. 


Interiors have always been a source of inspiration for me. My mother is an avid decorator, I remember her staying up late rearranging the living room furniture and poring over the latest Victoria magazine. I have her to thank for my adoration of design/decorating.

My love for interiors has grown organically over the past few years, as friends and family asked me to help design their spaces. I found so much joy & satisfaction seeing these spaces come to life, I knew this was more than just an interest but a true passion. The Penny Jark aesthetic is modern, chic, vintage, and a bit bohemian.

Styling, creative direction and E-Design has opened many doors for Penny Jark Interiors. Creativity is a necessity for me and I'm blessed to be able to use it to help others.

I live in Los Angeles CA with my husband Lawrence and cat Sylvia.


Penny Jark is my maiden name spoonerized

Jenny Park becomes Penny Jark.